Who am I?

Hi friends, I am Saikat Basak. This is my personal (i.e. non-professional) website to document what I have learnt mostly while spending time on my hobbies.

Please give your suggestion how to make it more effective and useful.

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My interest changed over the years

I started this website in 1999 and after that roughtly every 5-8 years my interest changed. Also, as the technology moved forward, some of the pages of this website became irrelevant over time. Hence from time to time I updated the website.

If you are willing to contact me on any of the contents of this website, please feel free to do so. Be aware that some of the old stuff I made available here, I have myself moved away from those topics for a long time!

The bars below indicate my current interest in various topics.

Please note that the updates to this website often lags a bit compared to my current interest levels!

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