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XML and delimited Text file viewer/converter


Using this application, you can view/modify any XML or delimited text file in grid. You can associate XML file with XSD schema. You can validate data entry in XML file, transform using XSL and query using filter. You can even convert files between XML and delited text format.[.NET application]


Folder size viewer

Note: Image not shown!

Windows Explorer does not show you size of all files under it. Using this program, you can see at a glance what is the total size of each folders. Picture of this application is not shown here.


Test Taker


This is a multiple choice exam builder. It has an Access 2000 database where you can enter questions and answers. Then you can use this front end application to ask a candiate appear for the exam. You can add as many exam topics and questions as you want. A question may have one or more correct answers. Question may even include diagrams. At the end of exam, score is calculated and stored in the database for the candidate's name. [.NET application]



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