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Linear static analysis of 2D frame structures
For civil/structural and mechanical engineering applications
Simple and straight forward to use
No limit on number of nodes or members!
Visualize your structure with markers for support & nodal loads.
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Office Search

Open Source Software
Search inside Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) and text/ASCII files (RTF/TXT/CSV/MD etc.).
For all other files it will use fuzzy logic to check if file is text or binary. If text, it will search contents of the file for a match.
Works on Windows 7 or above. Requires .NET framework 4.7 or above.
Works with non-English language characters.

Feel free to improve the software as source code is provided.

SourceForge page
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Text Grid

This program can load delimited text files (TXT, CSV etc.) and you can sort, edit, filter them. It has no limit on how large file you can open. The performance is dependent on your computer hardware.

Handle any delimited file - with or without header
Cell value update in place
No row, column limit
SQL query filter
SQL update
Group By Sum/Count, Distinct
Global Find/Replace and Highlight
Add columns and rows
Replicate rows/columns
Re-order columns, Sort
Copy paste to other applications
Keyboard shortcuts for data fast input
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Image Viewer & Catalog

Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Fast browsing of images from multiple folders! Supply a text file with full path of images per line then scroll thru each image in the file. This is useful if you want to browse only specific images spanning multiple folders!
Fast browsing of images from a folder.
Shows EXIF data and RGB histogram
Quick zoom to 100%
Generate thumbnails from file list
Apply rating and comments/captions
Search facility based on keywords (using SQL like syntax)
Browse images based on filter/condition
Supports large JPGs
Saves catalog as delimited text file.

A Linux version with limited features is also available. You need to compile it using Mono.
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ToDo Tree Outliner

A simple application to keep track of your to do items for the day. You can create unlimited number of nested hierarchies. You can add icons and notes against each node. The data is stored in text file.

You can also import/export as tab nested hierarchical list.
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Perpetual Notes

Perpetual Notes is a note application with rich text formatting and searching across all notes.

Files are saved as RTF - Rich Text Format file in any designated folder in your PC. If this folder is could synced with Dropbox, Onedrive, Gdrive etc, then notes will sync across multiple PCs.

Format using bold, italic, underline, strikethru, bulleted list.

Change fonts and colors, paste images

Auto save with customizable interval
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Folder Size viewer

Windows Explorer does not show you size of all files under it. Using this program, you can see at a glance what is the total size of each folder.
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Kodifi - Encrypt/Decrypt Utility

Using this program, you can encrypt any file (text, binary etc.) or a string using a pass phrase. Use the same pass phrase to decrypt the file back. Remember, there is no way to get your file back if you forget the pass phrase!
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XML and delimited Text file viewer/converter

Using this application, you can view/modify any XML or delimited text file in grid. You can associate XML file with XSD schema. You can validate data entry in XML file, transform using XSL and query using filter. You can even convert files between XML and delimited text format.