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A small utility which will notify you of your appointments! Just set the date, time, event and go! When you minimize, it sits on the system tray. At the time of your appointment, it simply flashes a reminder message as topmost window.

In the downloaded file, you will get two versions of alarm program - one written in VB6 another is in VB.NET
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To Do

A simple application to keep track of your to do items for the day. Check when something is done and it will not appear in list when program reloads.
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Picture Viewer

Ever wondered how easy it would have been if you could view lots of picture files by just pressing single key? This nice program just does that. If you specify a folder, it will show all pictures available in that folder. It can show EXIF data by your digital camera! Just press the arrow key to navigate between files. It couldn't have been easier! You can even calculate Depth of Field using various parameters!
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Car Performance Analyzer and Simulator

Ever wondered what is the correct point of gear shift in a car? This program will help to decide! It theoretically calculates at what speed and engine RPM, enough power is available to run the car. You can enter new car data in the XML file. Engine Power/Torque/RPM curve can be plotted. Gear shift can be simulated. The help file explains the physics behind calculation! Happy Driving [or Shifting :o)]
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XML and delimited Text file viewer/converter

Using this application, you can view/modify any XML or delimited text file in grid. You can associate XML file with XSD schema. You can validate data entry in XML file, transform using XSL and query using filter. You can even convert files between XML and delited text format.
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Test Taker

This is a multiple choice exam builder. It has an Access 2000 database where you can enter questions and answers. Then you can use this front end application to ask a candiate appear for the exam. You can add as many exam topics and questions as you want. A question may have one or more correct answers. Question may even include diagrams. At the end of exam, score is calculated and stored in the database for the candidate's name.
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Windows Grep

Windows Search tool is just bad. This small application will search for words inside files under a given folder (including sub-folders if you wish). It not only searches inside text files but also doc, pdf, xls etc. all types of files as long as you have application installed in your computer to open that particular file type. This is equivalent to Unix grep command.
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Folder Size viewer

Windows Explorer does not show you size of all files under it. Using this program, you can see at a glance what is the total size of each folder.