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Edit HTML online in browser

An online WYSIWYG HTML editor based on popular TinyMCE rich text editor. You can open HTML file from local device and after edit save again locally. You can even open files from Cloud storage.

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Expression Evaluator in browser

This is an online calculator, works in both computer and mobile phones. You can perform very simple arithmatics as well some advanced calculations with it as shown in the image above.

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To Do List

Online todo list. You can download the html locally and run without internet. The tasks are stored in browser cache so they will reappear upon same browser load on same device.

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বাক্ষর বাংলা অনুলিখন

ইংরিজি হরফ ব্যাবহার করে সহজে দ্রুত বাংলা লেখার পদ্ধতি | এটি আপনার ফোন বা কমপিউটারে ডাউনলোড করে নিলে ইনটারনেট ছাড়াও কাজ করবে|

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Money Matter

For calculating loan and compound interest.

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Depth of Field calculator

To calculate depth of field for sharp focus (to assist with your camera lens).